What are the reasons for digital adoption by car rental companies?

Digital solutions are gaining in popularity and companies are eager to communicate on innovative features.

Digital solutions are gaining in popularity and businesses are eager to communicate on on innovative features. Time savings, improved productivity, ease of use: all companies should embrace digital for greater customer satisfaction. Wouldn't it be nice if it was your rental company's turn?

Digital technology simplifies the use of services by customers

A digital transformation will encourage a better customer experience for your car rental agencies. It will introduce new features:

  • Booking a rental is less complicated
  • Scanned documents can be sent
  • Get basic vehicle information online, such as availability, rates, terms and conditions, etc.
  • In contrast to renting in an agency, there's no waiting in lines

Since you can now buy and order anything online, digitalizing your rental business becomes essential. Consider using it on a smartphone via an optimized website or even a mobile app !!

Along with offering easy-to-use solutions for your customers, you also make it easier for your employees to manage the rental agency. Everything is centralized, which means you don't have to print several copies of rental agreements, nor do you have to worry about losing files or forgetting to send invoicing documents.

Build the reputation of your car rental business

A web presence is a return on investment (ROI) in the medium and long term allowing you to reach a wider customer base. There are several channels available:

  • Social networks
  • Your branded Website
  • Customer reviews
  • Sites that have recommended your business

If you provide quality content through these different channels, not only will you build customer loyalty, but you will also grow your audience of consumers and influencers. Remember, a satisfied user is a potential ambassador ! This contributes to the brand image of your company and enhances traffic to your website.

Streamlining the customer journey and simplifying the management of your car rental business with digital solutions is the key to success.

Make sure you check every step of the car rental process

With a web presence, your car rental business increases its opportunities to attract new customers. A complete solution for an optimal digitalization of all of your business processes, our Kirrk solution is both an rental business and customer solution. The following benefits come with Kirrk:

  • Installation of your vehicle's telematics in minutes
  • We offer Telematic devices for all car models
  • We help you to lower costs and increase rental margins
  • Check in and out using a smartphone
  • Using a smartphone to locate a car for increased security and user autonomy

Everything is controlled remotely and operations have been simplified.

It takes only a few minutes for users to register. Remotely, the rental can be arranged. The vehicle can be quickly located and started directly from the app.

Both your customers and your teams will benefit from our innovative solution.

Digitalization is here to stay

The digitalization mindset is not a future concept, but a present one. As a result of smartphone innovation, clients consume information differently. In this digital age, we use apps to book a restaurant, a movie ticket, a hotel room, or our next trip because they are simple to use and efficient.

Offering online booking and payment services might seem obvious, but it's a must. In addition to making the process more efficient for the customer, it is also more efficient for you. You and your team won't have to spend time trying to explain endless contract terms to a client who is getting impatient about waiting half an hour to speak to someone. Don't make the booking process unpleasant for both parties; selling your rental business image normally starts with this step.

With Kirrk, you get a white-label booking platform that is SEO-optimized. In order for our Kirrk solution to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible, we have made sure to take into consideration that not every existing customer may be self-reliant.

The benefit extends not only to your clients, but also to you and your team. All your operational data is in real-time so you can adjust your operations in real-time. You will gain valuable time. Digital solution doesn't have to be complicated, right? At Kirrk, you will receive a two-hour training session. Connecting each vehicle will take about 3 minutes.

Rental businesses face a variety of challenges and require a customized approach. A rental business management solution like Kirrk is not only useful, but crucial for your business. In order to stand out from your competition, you should lead the business and be the market leader in how you manage your business and what you offer. Ultimately, what you offer does not differ from that offered by other companies within the same industry. But, you can use a world-class digital solution, like KIRRK, to deliver it better.