KIRRK & Geotab

Kirrk expands its offer by becoming an authorized reseller of Geotab services and telematic devices.

As an authorized reseller and integrator of Geotab solutions, Kirrk is pleased to announce its partnership. The company adds the fleet management solution and Geotab's telematics devices to its offering.

Kirrk will offer its customers the GO9 diagnostic telematics with the richest range of data on the market as well as additional modules to enable additional features. Additionally, Kirrk will offer a complete service for deployment and a continuous support for the use of the MyGeotab platform.

A double expertise

By choosing to work with us, you will benefit from Geotab's world-leading expertise in telematics and in-vehicle devices, as well as from Kirrk's expertise in mobility, fleet management and vehicle rental.

The Geotab pillars at your fingertips

Geotab solutions are based on 6 main value propositions, which represent the pillars of the brand:

Fleet optimization

Geotab solutions integration

With the data integration also visible on the MyGeotab portal, allow Kirrk to supports companies in the implementation of any connected fleet management project.

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An in-depth analysis

In addition to the GO9 boxes, Kirrk benefits from the software provided by Geotab
to help you improve the management of your fleet:

Advanced reports

Make your Geotab reports more meaningful by tailoring them to your fleet needs. You can easily create, run, and deliver the information you need.
Driver behavior management

Influence your drivers' driving behaviors with information and coaching tools. Drivers who share vehicles can be individually identified with NFC Driver ID technology..
Engine data reports

Geotab collects and responds to common vehicle information. The information includes engine speed, engine light, seat belt, odometer, engine hours, emissions, vehicle identification number (VIN), and vehicle battery voltage.
GPS tracking

Track your fleet's location in real time. We provide you with accurate and detailed informations about your trips using Geotab's algorithms.
Vehicles health and maintenance

Easily prioritize the repairs for your vehicle based on engine health issues. Make proactive vehicle maintenance a priority by detecting problems early and setting up maintenance reminders.
Itinerary optimization

Create zones and routes for your drivers to reduce vehicle kilometres travelled and fuel consumption. With our fleet management software, you can compare actual routes to planned routes.
Data integration

With Geotab's open software, you can integrate vehicles and location information in your business operations and also in tierce applications.

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Think bigger: that is our goal

Our company can rely on the Geotab GO9 telematics to integrate many benefits to its solution such as:

The Geotab Keyless features

The Keyless system replaces the traditional key with your smartphone. Through Bluetooth, you are able to lock and unlock your vehicle as well as start and stop the vehicle's engine. In addition, this system prevents unauthorized persons from taking control of your vehicle.
Management of heavy vehicles & tachograph data feedback

For heavy goods vehicles over 3.5 tons, a chronotachograph is required by French law. DREETS (regional office for economy, employment, labor and solidarity) must check this device every two years.
Developed by the European Union for the road freight transport (TRM), the intelligent tachograph is a device capable of recording data relating to the use of a road transport vehicle for a minimum of one year, as well as the activities of the driver over the previous 28 days.
Cold chain management

Geotab offers real-time temperature monitoring, custom alerts, delivery analysis reports, and error code detection to help you improve your cold chain operations.
Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance will save you time and money. You can take proactive steps by monitoring your engine fault code information.

This distribution agreement offers mobility players new development opportunities to help them better manage their costs,
optimize their fleet management and, of course, improve visibility to increase their profitability.

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