Digital car rental

Ready-to-use platform dedicated to car rental companies to digitise their operations and self-service pick-up services.

Goodbye paperwork and waiting lines

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in the use of automobiles. Increasingly, digitalization plays asignificant role in the market and in meeting the needs of a wider audience. Kirrk provides unparalleled expertise in operational optimization, revenue growth, and digital transformation to help you succeed.

By using Kirrk, you will be able to provide your customers with a complete digital experience, receive real-timedata from your fleet, have visibility into your vehicles and their status, and complete rental processes autonomously.

Global digitalization
A white label solution
Providing 24/7 access to vehicles
A connected fleet

Digitalize your business and boost your productivity

Manage all your operational data: customers, pick-ups, payments, rentals... all from a single, powerful interface with Kirrk Portal. Your employees can work more efficiently by having immediate access to information like pricing, rental documentation, and client databases. Change your rental rates, sell a new option or a complementary insurance, and update your rental rules in real time.

Car rental - boost your productivity
Car rental self service
ACCESS - Contactless car rental platform

Car rental available 24/7

Your customers will be able to rent a vehicle without ever having to go to a counter with KirrkAccess, our self-service solution. Your operation management will be easier and more efficient, while you will improve the customer experience.  
Our ACCESS solution has completely digitized the rental process in order to accomplish this.

To do this, our ACCESS solution has completely digitized the rental cycle :

Online booking
Options purchase
Download documents
Payment & depost
Unlock/lock the vehicle
with a smartphone
Checkin & checkout

Our goal is to help car rental companies boost their productivity and increase their profits.

To have a fluidity of internal and customer information within the same platform is critical to the success of my business. As a first-time experience with a solution such as KIRRK, I was amazed at how well they recognized the new environment of mobility.

Aurelie U.
Sixt Agency Director

Kirrk helps us manage our operations better and is essential to increasing our efficiency and allowing our customers to pick up and return our vehicles on their own.

Ella F.
Hertz Agency Director
PORTAL - Global management platform

Go with a paperless business management

Portal makes your business paperless and gets you organized to save timeand boost productivity. Say goodbye to unnecessary paperwork, duplication of tasks and lengthy processing times by centralizing all your information:​


Optimize your operations thanks to many features :

Automatic generation of invoices
Payment and deposit taking
Digital contract signing
Customer documents management
Analysis and statistics
Management of your options
Data protection and access management
kirrk portal - page de réservation

Keep full control of your vehicles & increase fleet's occupancy rate

Keep track of your fleet in real-time, so you can keep full control of your vehicles at all times. Our set of fully integrated management tools will help you improve your operation efficiency, control the vehicles' down times due to maintenance, and increase occupancy rate.

location de véhicules - augmenter votre taux d'occupation
loueurs de véhicules - profitez d'une flotte connectée
Fleet management

Enjoy the benefits of a connected fleet

Our solution is built to help fleet managers visualize and optimize their vehicle data with easy-to-use configurable dashboards. Get the information you need to operate your fleet safely, efficiently and cost effectively:

Geolocate your vehicles
Optimize your fleet movements (Convoyage)
Define a geofencing zone to secure your fleet
Anticipate the entries and exits of your fleet
Access your fleet's inventory and stock in real time
Automatically allocate your vehicles according to upcoming rentals (auto dispatching)
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Improving customers experience and satisfaction

Once the reservation is made, the vehicle must be picked up and once again we do not deviate from the rule: the customer remains entirely autonomous. Via his smartphone he can locate the vehicle and open it in no time.

loueurs de véhicules - expérience utilisateur
Average time for a checkout
Connected vehicles
Registered customers

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Global management platform

Pricing & payment management

Kirrk provides its customers with all the necessary tools to manage their rates, payments and invoicing. In addition to this, our customers can generate secure payments and capture bonds/pre-authorisations.

Rates management

Positioning and optimizing your company's products and services to increase the profitability of your business. You will be able to set your rates based on vehicle categories, duration, agency, and season.

Make it much easier

Kirrk provides tools for managing your prices. For instance, our customers can manage their price groups on calendars and filter them according to agencies.

Up selling options

Additionally to managing your rental rates, you can create any options you wish. A group of options dedicated to one category of customers can be created.

Secure payments

Kirrk platform allows customers to make 3D secure payments directly through the platform.

Billing management

By using our platform, you can generate, store, and centralize all your invoices.

Centralized billing

Automatically centralise your franchise invoices and gain efficiency.

kirrk - gestion de la tarification