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We support our customers in their transformation, their digitization as well as their CSR initiative. Our team will help you to deploy a tailored solution, entirely adapted to your specifications.

Much more than just onboarding

Much more than a simple onboarding, the Kirrk team accompanies you in your transformation and in the digitalization of your activity. Our project teams will help you to analyze your operations and to define your needs precisely, to deploy a tailor-made solution that is entirely adapted to your requirements.

Review of existing system
Deployment of the solution
Team training
Analyzing the results and support

A tailored solution

Kirrk propose you a global solution for all type of mobility business. The solution adapte to fit all kind of problematics and can also integrate your business tools.

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Intégration et développement sur mesure

Integration & customized development

Integration and customized development services from Kirrk allow our clients to focus on the needs of their business while relying on our expertise to design, develop, deploy, manage and support custom integration project.

In the event of specific demands from your teams, we will work together to get each use case done:

Review of existing system
Analyzing integration requirements
Deployment of the solution
Analyzing APIs and technical specifications
Design of fonctionnal specifications

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Sustainability within the context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our KIRRK solution will help your organization improve its corporate social responsibility initiatives by creating a better customer experience for clients and improving the effectiveness of your CSR programs.

Opt for a greeness fleet through some objective :

Using best maintenance practices to reduce fuel costs
Providing detailed carbon emissions reports based on rental history
Increasing reliance on renewable energy and sustainable resources
Encourage clients to take part in your carbon offset program

Consequently you will :

Supporting the purchase of low-emission vehicles.
Reduce the number of vehicles in your fleet by optimizing their usage
Through the dematerialization of procedures that save millions of paper sheets each year.
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Support by a project team

At Kirrk we are committed to training your staff to use our software in an optimized way and to ensure that digitization happens smoothly and intuitively.

Accompagné par une équipe projet