Corporate mobility

We help corporate fleet managers transform the way they operate by empowering themto run their vehicle fleet efficiently and effectively, saving them time and money.

What is Corporate Car Sharing?

Kirrk grants companies the flexibility to create their own car sharing solution through our all-in-one platform and web application, tailor made to their needs, and minimizing the effort needed to deploy it.

Our solutions are offered in white label and allow you to manage reservations, employees, and fleets on a single platform.    

A white label  solution
Optimize your fleet
Making vehicles available 24/7
Connect your entire fleet

An optimized mobility budget

Kirrk solution delivers information in real-time through interactive reports in order to have a complete view of your fleet and the insights you need to make better decisions.

gestion de flotte - optimiser votre budget mobilité
B2B Carsharing platform

Make your fleet available 24/7

Thanks to our self-service solution, your customers will be completely autonomous and will be able to rent a vehicle without ever having to go through a counter. In addition to boosting your customer's experience, you will save precious time in managing your operations.

To do this, our ACCESS solution has completely digitized the rental cycle :

Online booking
Checkin & checkout
Download documents
Unlock/lock the vehicle
with a smartphone

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PORTAL - Fleet management platform

Easily connect and track your fleet

With Kirrk Desk, your staff can now manage & view information in real time like client database to work together seamlessly. Manage all your operational data through a fluid, powerful interface. ​

A single platform to centralise all your information, your documents and the management of your operations :


Optimise your operations thanks to many features :

Digital contract signing
Customer documents management
Analysis and statistics
Data protection and access management
suivi de flotte

Offer a unique experience to your teams

Manageall your operational data from a single, powerful interface. Your employees canwork more efficiently by having immediate access to information in real time.

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gestion de flotte digitalisée
PORTAL - Global management platform

Go with a paperless business management

Portal makes your business paperless and gets you organized to save time and boost productivity. Say goodbye to unnecessary paperwork, duplication of tasks and lengthy processing times by centralizing all your information:​

Online booking

Optimizing fleet usage

When you rent a vehicle, you need an identity document, driver's license and rental contract ! Don't worry, just like the rest, the customer is completely autonomous. He can scan his documents with his smartphone and they will be directly sent to you for validation.

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gestion de flotte - optimiser l'usage de votre flotte
Average time for a checkout
Connected vehicles
Registered customers
Global management platform

Optimize your operations & fleet management

Our Dashboards are built on live data. It provides numerous figures and graphs related to the activity of your fleet that can guide you in optimizing your fleet.

This module is fully customizable, you will be able to create your own dashboards to find all your information at a glance.

Real-time data

Follow all your data in real time thanks to our live dashboard.


All your sales, billing, contracts, bookings, pricing, and payments are available on the platform.

Sales results

By using the platform, you can automatically monitor your sales results and your turnover growth.

Fully customizable

By creating your own dashboards, you can find all your information at a glance.


Our solutions are designed to show the true value to your business by providing an in-depth analysis of its operations.

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