Connected fleet

With our fleet management tools and IOT solutions, Kirrk allows you to keep full control of your fleet and optimise your overall operations.

Keep track of all your fleet data, manage your costs, and find cost-saving opportunities.

Understand your inventory, connect your fleet for a real time management, upgrade the maintenance to reduce your costs, optimize your rental rate and your fleet conveying to generate more incomes.

Optimize your operations
Manage your fleet costs
Damage management
GPS Position

Geolocate your vehicles

Geolocate your connected vehicles on a map and get informed about your fleet status. You will be able to know where are your vehicles in real time.  Our tools can provide you the exact location of each of your vehicles. In this way you strengthen your security.

Géolocalisation de sa flotte
PORTAL - Global management platform

Keep an eye on your fleet health and reduce your costs

With KIRRK, optimize your fleet productivity and your operational process efficacy. You will be able to extract valuable data informations through our fleet management software.

Optimize your operations thanks to many features :

Geolocate your connected vehicles on a map
Define a geofencing zone to secure your fleet
Access your fleet' inventory and stock in real time
Choose to automate your vehicles allocation according to upcoming rentals
Optimize the dispatch of your vehicles
Be able to anticipate the entries and exists of your fleet
Manage check-in & check-out
kirrk portal screenshot

Centralize all your fleet management operations

Kirrk allow you to manage your fleet and connect your fleet in one unique and simple platform. Manage your fleet, optimize maintenance costs, gain visibility and increase operational efficiency.

centralisez les opérations de votre flotte
maintenance préventive
Fleet management

Preventive maintenance

Your connected fleet will provide you with maintenance information. You will be able to view all your vehicle states on the Portal plateforme to know which vehicles can be use. By anticipating repairs and maintenance, you can minimize the vehicle's downtime.

Maintenance calendar
Damage management
Checkin / Checkout management
Immobilization time of your vehicles
Alert about critical breakdown & mechanical issues
Average time for a checkout
Connected vehicles
Registered customers

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Global management platform

Connectivity & Telematics (IOT)

Make your vehicles intelligent and get the important data for your operations. Thanks to its team of IOT engineers, Kirrk provides its customers with the latest technology. These boxes are compatible with over 180 models and can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

Telematics data

This telematic tool give you a real-time tracking of your vehicles.


The boxes allow your customers to unlock and lock your vehicles. Upstream you will be able to access to the status of your vehicles.

EOM compatible

As we prepare to launch the API direct connection with major car manufacturers, we have already signed OEM agreements and will be ready to launch shortly.

OTA Network

To communicate with our servers, Telematics uses 2G data, which makes it possible for it to work in areas without high-speed internet access.


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Near Field Communication (NFC) could be used additionally to control the vehicle's access control.

Reverse Engineering

In cases where your brand car is not listed on our Telematics compatible vehicle, we perform reverse engineering to render it compatible as soon as possible.